Wusthof Classic Ikon 22-Piece Set Review

I rarely make a review of anything that comes with such a high price tag. Let me warn you right at the start. The Wusthof Classic Ikon 22-piece set is the most expensive knife set I have reviewed on my website so far, and its price tag is capable of giving many people a heart attack.

That being said, it’s also one of the highest rated ones among several online customers. So, if money is not an object, this is definitely a product to look for and I couldn’t find a single negative testimonial about it. Wusthof is a manufacturer that produces some of the best kitchen knives on the market and this is where the higher price comes from.

Price and shipping:

Price can definitely give some people a heart attack, but this knife set can be purchased online. You can have it delivered with no extra costs.

Wusthof Classic Ikon 22-piece knife set review:

Wusthof is one of those companies with the longest tradition. It was founded more than 200 years ago and they have established a great reputation all around the world. Their knives are among the most luxurious and quality ones. The only downside of them is usually a price tag, which is much higher than average.

This 22-piece set features 19 knives, 1 shears, 1 sharpening steel, and a 22-slot storage block made of wood. It’s a complete knife set with everything you could possible wish for.

All handles are made of polyoxymethylene with full tang and traditional 3 rivets. I know that design is just a matter of personal taste, but I bet that these knives look fantastic and modern by all standards.

Knives included in package:

  • 3.5-inch paring knife is ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables.
  • 4.5-inch utility is used whenever chef’s knife is too big and paring knife too small.
  • 6-inch utility for slicing.
  • 8-inch bread knife.
  • 6 and 8-inch cook’s knives for chopping and mincing.
  • 8 knives for steaks.
  • 5-inch serrated for cutting foods with harder exterior.
  • 5-inch boning for removing bones and skin from fish and meat.
  • 5 and 7-inch Santoku style knives.
  • 8-inch carver for cutting large pieces of meat.
  • 10-inch honing steel for keeping your blades sharp.

More info:

All knives come with a Solinger name stamp on them and they say that Solinger in Germany is a cutlery capital of the world. I certainly believe that this is not far from the truth. This is just another feature that screams about Wusthof’s quality and advanced features.

Most of their products come with a lifetime warranty and Classic Ikon 22-Piece Set is not an exception.

If you already have your own favorite kitchen knife set, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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