Cheese knife picks and reviews

Let’s get to straight to the point. You can use any “ordinary” knife for slicing cheese, as long as it gets the job done. But, there’s a certain satisfaction of using a tool that is specifically designed for this purpose. Cheese knives are among the most affordable ones and they often cost less than $10.

There are different types of cheese cutting and slicing tools on the market. I will try to explain some of their features and share my recommendations down below. All of the reviewed items cost less than $30 and they can be purchased online.

Types of cheese knives and tools:

  • Soft cheese knives are usually made of solid steel. They are serrated and they often have holes on blades to prevent them from sticking to cheese.
  • Hard cheese knives (cheese cleavers) are more durable and they don’t have holes on the blades because holes reduce their strength.
  • Cheese slicers (planes) are used for cutting hard and semi-hard cheeses. They can also be used for cutting other foods like cucumbers.

J.A. Henckels cheese knife set:

I have said this many times. Why buying an individual knives one by one, if you can get a complete knife set that is usually more affordable on the long run?

My top pick is the [J.A. Henckels 5-Piece Cheese Set. There’s no need for me to talk about J.A. Henckels as a brand.

This knife set features 1 semi-heart shaped knife that is perfect for hard cheeses, 1 rectangular shaped knife for slicing, and two-pronged fork for serving. Just like most J.A. Henckels knives, this set comes with a lifetime warranty that is provided by the manufacturer, and all included items can be washed in a dishwasher.

Gourmet 5-piece cheese knife set:

My second best pick is the Gourmet 5-piece cheese set. It features a knife for hard cheese, a cheese shaver, and a cheese fork. All of them are easy to clean, but washing and wiping by hand is recommended. A convenient 8-inch cutting board and a carrying case are also included in the package.

This cheese set probably has the best value for the money on this list because it only costs somewhere around $10. It’s a perfect set for picnicking and traveling.

Prodyne K-7-S cheese knives:

One of the most popular cheese knives among online consumers is also the Prodyne K-7-S set of 2. It features two separate stainless steel cheese knives that can handle cutting, slicing, and cubing any type of cheese.

Both knives have holes on their blades to prevent them from sticking, and they both feature 4-inch elongated handles for the best possible grip and performance. Free shipping is available if you are looking to purchase it online.

Your turn!

Which one is your favorite choice? Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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