Best paring knife recommendations

A paring knife is the smallest knife in every cook’s arsenal. It’s usually from 2.5 to 4 inches long and it’s mostly used for peeling fruits, removing the seeds, and skinning mushrooms. Because it’s so small, it is ideal for tasks where precision is necessary.

In this article I’ll try to explain everything that you need to know about paring knives and their usability. You can also check my recommended picks down below.

What is paring knife used for:

  • Slicing. Because paring knife is so small, it’s ideal for slicing smaller fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes and apples.
  • Peeling. They are ideal for peeling apples and other foods with thinner skin like mushrooms.
  • Precise cutting. If a surgeon would start a cooking career, he would buy a paring knife for sure. They are ideal for tasks that require precision, such as removing strawberry stems and removing seeds from various fruits and vegetables.

Here are a couple of my recommended picks from some most recognizable kitchen knife brands in the world. All of them can be purchased online and you can have them delivered with no extra charges.

Wusthof paring knife:

Why buying a single one if you can have 3 of them wrapped in a single and affordable package? I have wrote several articles about Wusthof knives and I’m sure I’ll write many more of them in the future. Their products are made by high quality German standards.

All knives in this package feature traditional Wusthof design with ergonomically designed full-tang three-rivet handles. Blades are made of high-carbon stainless steel which can also be found in their larger premium knives that can easily cost over $200.

Shun paring knife:

shun paring knifeIf you prefer Japanese style and quality when it comes to kitchen knives, you simply can’t go wrong with Shun brand. It’s one of the most recognized Japanese knife brands in the USA, and they have several hundreds of quality products available on the market right now.

Let’s start with the Japanese paring knife. The 4-inch Shun Premier┬áis the most expensive paring knife on my list of recommendations, but its features and quality are second to none. It features layered Damascus steel with hand-hammered finish.

If you are looking for something more affordable, the 3.5-inch Shun VB0700 Sora might be your perfect choice. It’s more than 2x more affordable than Premier and it features more traditional design.

Both come with a limited lifetime warranty that is provided by the manufacturer. They are both highly rated among online customers.

Victorinox paring knife:

There are at least 20 different Victorinox paring knives on the market, so I had a hard time deciding which one to recommend. I decided to pick the one with the highest amount of customer testimonials.

The 4-inch Victorinox Swiss Classic is the most affordable paring knife on my list. It features slip-resistant ergonomic handle and it can be washed in a dishwasher.

A lifetime warranty is provided by the manufacturer, so you can be sure that all the possible defects by the manufacturer will get fixed with no extra charges.


Already own one? Feel free to let me know which one is your favorite choice in the comments section down below.

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