Welcome to my website! My name is Giovanni and I live in south of Milan in Italy. I’m one of those guys that had enough of sandwiches at some point of their lives, and I’ve been enjoying my time in the kitchen ever since.

It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with kitchen knives. I love cooking my own food when my wife doesn’t lock herself in the kitchen, and I always want to have the best appliances. Some people can’t live without a new Iphone or computer, but I can’t live without the most advanced kitchen appliances, whether it’s a microwave, a fridge, or a kitchen knife.

I bought my first kitchen knife set about 10 years ago and I’m sure I have about 20 of them at the moment. All of my friends know that I’m obsessed with knives, so I always know what’s hidden under a Christmas tree with my name on it.

Mission of my website is very simple. I want to provide the best kitchen knife reviews and recommendations in the world. I will try to update my website as often as possible, so you are welcome to check back any time. I want to build a community of kitchen knife enthusiasts, so feel free to contribute and post your comments under my articles.

If you have a question for me regarding my website, you can use my contact form to send me an email. I will reply in the shortest time possible. My privacy policy statement is located here.